Student Experience

Our Model Includes:

  • Free Before School, After School, and Summer Programs
  • Personalized Learning Approach One to One Technology
  • Social-Emotional Intelligence
  • Academic Parent-Teacher Teams
  • Collaborative Learning Academies
  • Equitable Classrooms
Our Scholars Are Made for More!

Students will experience extended blocks of ELA and math daily and cross-curricular writing workshops; literacy integrated Social Studies; and Investigative Science. Through Structured Play, students will discover the joy of being active. By playing together, children practice how to get along and playing promotes creativity and social skills. ScholarMade believes that recess serves as a necessary break from the rigors of concentrated, academic challenges in the classroom. Student individual needs are met through small group instruction and enrichment opportunities as well as Fresh Start and Finish Strong Circles.

Students will experience rigorous STEM and additional exposure to career, technology, languages, and leadership. Scholars are exposed to a strong school day, after school and extracurricular programs that provide extensive opportunities for leadership, service, and cultural growth.

Signature Programs


ScholarMade scholars learn the importance of cooperation and civic engagement early. ScholarMade schools feature a student government that is set up to mirror a municipal government with an elected Mayor and City Council from the student body.  Each scholar will receive formal leadership training woven throughout their academic experiences. All student will learn skills in the areas of decision-making, problem-solving, negotiation, and strategic planning.


ScholarMade scholars are leaders both in school and in the school community. Scholars serve the communities through experiential learning opportunities, explore the topics from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and have the opportunity to develop as creatives.


ScholarMade scholars are exposed to an integrated honor systems that promotes strong character development, honesty, empathy and restorative justice.


“Our Scholars are Made for More”

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